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This is a very short yandere poem might be 4 lines but I’ll make it shady like.
(narrator is a yandere girl btw) I’m just suggested to do this…..thing…..

His soul is mine through my delight

He cannot leave my body

It’s too much

Soom we will become one in blood and mind, you’ll never escape me.

(see yandere being desperate to become one…..hahaha……aha….I dunno but that was a hysterical laugh)

Thy lovely moment

I felt weak and scared till I meet you
You saved me from darkness
Are you my savior?
I feel saved when I’m with you
I made a vow to be with you
So I shall follow you and rid the parasites that cling to you
Ill be happy if you accept me forever

-written by asagirmx
Asagirmx suggested me to write this……..antagonist is the depressed high school girl whom was saved by a high school guy and she became yandere to protect him…..something like that.

Help my friend became yandere

Oh? Your friend became yandere because you chose someone else instead of her? Well I’m not the person to explain the path of life and death or the arrows of which way you go but I’ll slide advice. First is that if your yandere friend is concerned about your job because most of the time friends are created in most jobs and well most relationships happen there and your yandere gets enraged on that……you better think of have a little talk with your yandere. The promise if you help that little yandere is that if they get angry you try the old sweet talk of how you love them more and they will forget their hate……sort of.

Your friend is a childhood friend and know everything about you then your sort of in a spot of everyday you have to deal with her and converse of what we did in the past of we use to do this together and how we felt. This might become one of those moments that they are apart of your memory and they say that she’s ment to be with you forever then try to play along with it for now until you feel like its time to move on. Eventually your yandere friend will prevent from leaving her and you resist her of explanation and the things go ugly. My advice for yandere friend transformation…….be aware of your friends action they change in vaious ways.

Consept of a yandere

Ok yanderes are strange people yes? They hid in your closet and stalk you all night right? Well youll uncomfortable what would she do while you sleep and next morning……SUPRISE! Your tied up with the yandere. Well I’d say if you have this case sinerio try to keep your mental mind on calm and not panic because if you do, you will not have a thought of a plan to escape. Now for you unlucky or luck people up who has a yandere by your side you should try to smile for once and also investigate their house to see if the murdered anyone.

If you find our your friend is dead all because of your yandere and your dead friend is hidden in the basement you should find the nearest phone and call authorities that I got a murderer COMMON SENCE! Well you know and I know yanderes won’t give up and will always try to get to you and to get your attention. Try to make the best of it within a few months and try to come up with a plan of getting away. If you mess up….your in the deep end and I hope you like staring at the felling for the rest of your days. Yanderes are unstable and insane so keep them on the calm happy meter instead of the happy blood face meter and give her a big hug.

Concerns of the censorship net act

This might be one of those people who wants to keep our network safe too much and I don’t like to deal with the ip identification if I were to go toa site because of some copy right complains. Well just to let you know, everyone in the whole entire world copy rights and most people who makes videos or videos that just have music and a picture doesn’t mean it’s a copyright. If you have issues tell it to yourself.

There is a reason why we have a brain, think before you do stuff. If you don’t like it when everyone steals your work in the Internet, then don’t post anything and just stick with showing it somewhere private it’s not hard

Koharu no hibi

I may indicate the mutsuki is yandere but I have not seen a violent action yet…..she seems to be a sweet stalker girl but I might find out in 2 months of what she’s going to do next….maybe something stupid


I would likely to visit Hawaii because it’s in the tropics and it’s the perfect relaxing zone

My thoughts

Ugh….most of the time that when I draw I need to transfer it to my Mac and most of the drawings are on my iPad so I’m in advanced technology difficulties ahahahahaha………..yeah it’s hard

(edit:i can see what your doing)

(my edit: im so happy hes here!!)

yandere poem 2

ok attempt one as ok then attempt 2 is……something from what i watched AH HELL WITH EXPLANATIONS

our worlds are connected to one another

you had a different world filled with that girl

i was enraged and destroyed her world

 i didn’t want to kill anyone but my jealousy is hard to obtain

please look at my world

only my world

no one elses

it pains me to see you looking at other worlds so please only look at my world

yandere short poem1

this is one of the post i shall do….because i was requested to for some reason


My heart is cold as ice ever since you left me

i felt despair as each mile he passed by

i caught you and tied myself to you

you know you’ll never leave me

my heart hurts and becomes cold if you heave my heart

now im warm as long as im with him forever

—-she has issues…..like tying herself to him…remind me of something——


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